Government does not create jobs, people do. What government can do is ensure that it has created a climate that is opportune for business and industries to flourish. This means cutting red tape and working with businesses to ensure there are no roadblocks on their way to success. It is also critical that we do what we can to open pathways for diversifying our economy, it is a necessary step in order to increase good paying jobs and help our state’s economy.



Fred is a strong supporter and advocate for right to bear arms. In 2018, Fred Baldwin co-sponsored Wyoming’s “Stand Your Ground” Law to protect our citizens. As an avid hunter, Fred is committed to also protecting our hunting rights.



Wyoming is facing a budget $1.5 Billion shortfall. These difficult times require experience and understanding to tackle inevitable budget cuts. With 6 year of experience in the legislature, and serving on the Revenue Committee, Fred Baldwin is the only candidate who has the experience to take on these massive budget cuts and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.



As a Physician Assistant, Fred has used his professional experience in the legislature, serving on many committees and task forces regarding health care in Wyoming. Fred is a member of the Senate Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee.

As our State Senator, Fred co-sponsored legislation that created Special Health Care Districts for Senior Citizens that helps control medical costs. Fred also worked to expand health care in Rural Wyoming, cut costs for patients, and lower the cost of medical flights. He has also taken on the Opioid crisis, serving on Governor's Task Force on Opiod abuse and the NCSL's Opiod Fellowship (which has effectively helped to lower the number of Opiod deaths in our state).